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Calibration Gas Kits & Gas Bottles: Partial List

Calibration Gas Kits and Replacement Gas Bottles

Kits include cal cup, hose, gas bottle, regulator and carry case

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Gas Sensor Type Part No. Gas Name Gas Bottle
Ammonia 07-3011 Ammonia 50 ppm/58 liter
Bromine 07-3003 Chlorine 5 ppm/58 liter
Carbon Dioxide 07-3019 Carbon Dioxide 2.5%/103 liter
Carbon Monoxide 07-3022 Carbon Monoxide 50 ppm/103 liter
Chlorine 07-3001 Chlorine 5 ppm/58 liter
Chlorine Dioxide 07-3004 Chlorine Dioxide Use Generator
Dichloroethane 07-3051 Dichloroethane 50 ppm/58 liter
Ethlylene 07-3049 Ethylene 50 %LEL/103 liter
Fluorine 07-3002 Chlorine 5 ppm/58 liter
Freon 07-3053 Specify 50 ppm/58 liter
Hydrogen 07-3027 Hydrogen 50 %LEL/103 liter
Hydrogen Chloride 07-3006 Sulfur Dioxide 10 ppm/58 liter
Hydrogen Cyanide 07-3015 Hydrogen Cyanide 10 ppm/58 liter
Hydrogen Fluoride 07-3007 Sulfur Dioxide 10 ppm/58 liter
Hydrogen Peroxide 07-3017 Chlorine 5 ppm/58 liter
Hydrogen Sulfide 07-3010 Hydrogen Sulfide 25 ppm/58 liter
LEL Combustible 07-3020 Methane 50 %LEL/103 liter
Methlene Chloride 07-3055 Methylene Chloride 50 ppm/58 liter
Nitric Acid 07-3012 Sulfur Dioxide 10 ppm/58 liter
Nitric Oxide 07-3023 Nitric Oxide 25 ppm/58 liter
Nitrogen 07-3000 Nitrogen 99.8%/103 liter
Nitrogen Dioxide 07-3005 Nitrogen Dioxide 10 ppm/58 liter
Oxygen 07-3025 Oxygen 20.9%/103 liter
Ozone 07-3013 Ozone Use Generator
Pentane 07-3039 Pentane 50 %LEL/103 liter
Phosgene 07-3057 Phosgene Use Perm Tube
Phosphine 07-3045 Phosphine 0.5 ppm/58 liter
Propane 07-3029 Propane 50 %LEL/103 liter
Silane 07-3046 Silane 50 ppm/58 liter
Sulfur Dioxide 07-3008 Sulfur Dioxide 10 ppm/58 liter
Trichloroethane 07-3059 Trichloroethane 50 ppm/58 liter
Trichloromethane 07-3061 Trichloromethane 50 ppm/58 liter
Calibration Gas Kits are available for convenient field calibration of various Gas Detectors. Gas Bottle size and shelf-life varies depending on inherent stability of specific gas. Other Calibration Gas concentrations may be available upon request. Please consult factory for details regarding specific requirements for Calibration Gas Kits.

Please Note

Calibration frequency of gas detectors is critical to ensuring proper operation and performance of the devices. Read More....

Gas Detectors - Fixed

Model TA-2100
smarter Gas Detector
(3 or 4-wire)

Model TA-2100
smarter Gas Detector
(Graphic Display)

Model TA-2102
smarter Gas Detector
(Loop Powered)

Economical Gas Detector
(without Display)

Gas Alarm
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Open Path Gas Detectors

Control Panels

Digital Network Panels
Wall Mounting: TA-2016MB
Rack Mounting; TA-2016MB

Analog Panels

TA-2000 Six Channel
TA-2002 Two Channel
TA-2001 One Channel

Hybrid Panel

Gas Alarm
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