Sensor Technologies: smarter Transmitters

Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) Sensors

Solid-State MOS (Metal Oxide Semiconductor) sensors utilize thick or thin film metal oxides deposited on a ceramic substrate that is maintained at constant temperature using an integral heater element. When the metal oxide film is exposed to gas, molecules are adsorbed along the surface which alters the electrical resistance. The operating temperature ensures optimum response characteristics for the specific type of gas over the designated detection range. The change in electrical resistance is converted into meter indication for read-out of gas concentration. The MOS detector is optimized for a particular compound (family of compounds), but is less specific than other methods related to the broader range of compounds that can be adsorbed on the sensor surface.

Model TA-2100 Fixed Solid-State Gas Detectors

Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulfide, Chloroform, Methylene Chloride.... See More

Gas Detectors - Fixed

Model TA-2100
smarter Gas Detector
(3 or 4-wire)

Model TA-2100
smarter Gas Detector
(Graphic Display)

Model TA-2102
smarter Gas Detector
(Loop Powered)

Economical Gas Detector
(without Display)

Gas Alarm
(Integral Alarms)

Open Path Gas Detectors

Control Panels

Digital Network Panels
Wall Mounting: TA-2016MB
Rack Mounting; TA-2016MB

Analog Panels

TA-2000 Six Channel
TA-2002 Two Channel
TA-2001 One Channel

Hybrid Panel

Gas Alarm
(Integral Alarms)

Alarm Stations

Hazardous/Non-Hazardous Areas