TA-2016HB Wall Mount Gas Detection Controller

Mil-Ram's New TA-2016HB Digital/Analog Gas Detection Controller combines Digital Modbus RTU multi-drop Network architecture with standard analog 4-20mA inputs for maximum flexibility. Network Modules available including Alarm Stations, Remote Relays and many more to achieve desired functionality in a modular, cost-effective manner. Future expansion of the system is simple and efficient.


no false alarms Mil-Ram patented sensor technology
Use any Mil-Ram Gas Detector; loop powered, 3 or 4-wire or Modbus
Electrochemical, infrared, photoionization (PID) and catalytic sensor technologies to provide best solution for a particular application
Features both Modbus RTU Network and Analog 4-20mA Inputs. Any combination of Analog and Digital Inputs. Use existing analog wiring for Gas Detectors and Digital Network for Alarm Stations, Remote Relays, etc.
Multi-drop smarter Gas Detector Network eliminates separate (costly) wiring to each detector. Shared Network and power cables greatly reduce costs
Auto-Configuration Wizard makes channel configuration simple and automatic for Networked Gas Detectors
Backlit LCD auto-scrolls to provide channel data and fault diagnostics
Relay Outputs: low, mid, high and fault conditions. SPDT rated 10 Amp.
Remote Relay Module option: can be conveniently installed at any point on Network, close to alarms or other equipment requiring relay connection
Analog Output Module option: provides discrete 4-20mA outputs per channel
Digital Output Module option: provide Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP Ethernet output to PLC or other Centralized Control System
Digital Input Module option: provides interface to emergency shut-off switch
Continuous advanced diagnostics, all gas detectors and Network devices constantly monitored to provide immediate acknowledgement of any fault condition

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Channel Capacity 16 Channels
Inputs RS-485 Modbus RTU and 4-20mA
Input Power 110/220 VAC
Output Power 24 VDC, 6.4A
Interface Options 4-20mA; RS-485; Relays

Gas Detectors - Fixed

Model TA-2100
smarter Gas Detector
(3 or 4-wire)

Model TA-2100
smarter Gas Detector
(Graphic Display)

Model TA-2102
smarter Gas Detector
(Loop Powered)

Economical Gas Detector
(without Display)

Gas Alarm
(Integral Alarms)

Open Path Gas Detectors

Control Panels

Digital Network Panels
Wall Mounting: TA-2016MB
Rack Mounting; TA-2016MB

Analog Panels

TA-2000 Six Channel
TA-2002 Two Channel
TA-2001 One Channel

Hybrid Panel

Gas Alarm
(Integral Alarms)

Alarm Stations

Hazardous/Non-Hazardous Areas