TA-2001/2002 Control Panels

Mil-Ram's Model TA-2001 Single Channel or TA-2002 Two Channel Controller provides high resolution measurement of any 4-20mA gas detection transmitter with corresponding meter indication and local/external alarm function. Either Controller accepts 2, 3 or 4-wire type transmitters and provides discrete analog 4-20mA output.


no false alarms Mil-Ram patented sensor technology
Use any Mil-Ram smarter Gas Detector-hundreds of different gases
Electrochemical, infrared, photoionization (PID) and catalytic sensor technologies to provide best solution for a particular application
Universal Input: accepts any 2,3 or 4-wire 4-20mA transmitter
Direct Connect sensor option: transmitter not required, remote sensor hundreds of feet from Controller
Alarm Relays: low, mid, high and fault condition. Programmable non-latching or latching, energized or non-energized, time delay
User interface includes backlit LCD display and push button switches
Discrete analog output per channel; 4-20mA
Optional: RS-485 Modbus RTU serial output for multi-drop connection to PLC
Optional: back-up battery for uninterrupted operation
Continuous advanced Diagnostics


Channel Capacity 1 or 2 Channels
Input Analog 4-20mA, 16-bit A/D conversion
Output Analog 4-20mA, 16-bit D/A conversion
Input Power 85-265VAC or 15-30VDC
Output Power 24 VDC, 1.0A
Input Device 2,3 or 4-Wire type Gas Detectors
Enclosure Nema 4x polycarbonate, stainless steel latch. Explosion-proof available
Dimensions 9-1/4in. W x 11-1/4in. H x 6in. D

Gas Detectors - Fixed

Model TA-2100
smarter Gas Detector
(3 or 4-wire)

Model TA-2100
smarter Gas Detector
(Graphic Display)

Model TA-2102
smarter Gas Detector
(Loop Powered)

Economical Gas Detector
(without Display)

Gas Alarm
(Integral Alarms)

Open Path Gas Detectors

Control Panels

Digital Network Panels
Wall Mounting: TA-2016MB
Rack Mounting; TA-2016MB

Analog Panels

TA-2000 Six Channel
TA-2002 Two Channel
TA-2001 One Channel

Hybrid Panel

Gas Alarm
(Integral Alarms)

Alarm Stations

Hazardous/Non-Hazardous Areas