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Tox-Box Portable VOC Gas Detector

Mil-Ram's Tox-Box VOC Gas Monitor provides fixed system features packed in a rugged, portable analyzer designed for dependable service under demanding field conditions. Hundreds of different toxic gases detected utilizing advanced PID Photoionization sensor technology. Battery or continuous AC adapter operation.


PID Photoionization VOC Gas Sensor
On-board pump continuously draws gas sample across sensor
Rechargeable 12VDC sealed lead-acid battery
Rugged, weather-proof instrument enclosure
Alarm Relays: fully programmable
Buzzer and LED indicators of alarm status
Regenerated 4-20mA output
Low battery indicator, Buzzer Silence mode, Alarm disable mode
Continuous advanced diagnostics


PID Gas Sensor 10.6 eV - for more than 400 different VOC gases
Detection Range 0.0-20.0 ppm; 0-200 ppm; 0-2000 ppm (single range)
Response Time < 30 sec. to 90% of final reading
Zero Drift <1% of full-scale with routine calibrations
Temperature Range -20 deg C to +55 deg C
Humidity Range 5-95% RH, non-condensing
Operator Interface Backlit LCD display and push button switches
Power Source Internal 12VDC lead-acid battery or AC adapter
Alarm Relays Low, mid, high and fault - SPDT rated 10 Amps.
Output 4-20mA, linear
Enclosure Plastic high impact copolymer. Dust, water, chemical resistant
Enclosure Dimensions 10-5/8in. W x 9-3/4in. H x 6-7/8in.
Fixed, Continuous VOC Gas Detectors - Specifically optimized for continuous duty industrial monitoring under demanding environmental conditions...See Fixed VOC Gas Detector

Gas Detectors - Fixed

Model TA-2100
smarter Gas Detector
(3 or 4-wire)

Model TA-2100
smarter Gas Detector
(Graphic Display)

Model TA-2102
smarter Gas Detector
(Loop Powered)

Economical Gas Detector
(without Display)

Gas Alarm
(Integral Alarms)

Open Path Gas Detectors

Control Panels

Digital Network Panels
Wall Mounting: TA-2016MB
Rack Mounting; TA-2016MB

Analog Panels

TA-2000 Six Channel
TA-2002 Two Channel
TA-2001 One Channel

Hybrid Panel

Gas Alarm
(Integral Alarms)

Alarm Stations

Hazardous/Non-Hazardous Areas